Command Pi

Ever wondered how your Raspberry Pi is doing?

Needed to restart or shutdown your RPI or kill a process?

Command Pi is the new app that combines a task manager and activity monitor in an easy to use interface. Make use of Command Pi to track your CPU usage, memory usage, temperature, turbo mode settings and restart or shutdown your RPI in just one click. Instead of showing you all the currently running processes, Command Pi will only detect the

interesting ones like XBMC, and give you the option to restart/terminate them.
Whether you are pushing your Raspberry Pi to the optimal overclocked settings, or just using your RPI as a mediacenter: Command Pi is the tool to make your life easier.

Download on the App Store

Attention: SSH needs to be enabled on your RPI
Extra note: let us know which processes you would like to be able to terminate (like XBMC). We will add them to the auto detect list.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which distributions are supported?

We have tested version 1.0.3 (currently reviewed by Apple) with the latest versions of:
  • Raspian
  • XBian
  • RaspBMC
  • OpenElec
Let us know if you have any problems running Command Pi.

Command Pi is not working

Make sure that you have logged in before while using another SSH client. Some Linux distributions (like RaspBMC) require you to fulfill a wizard. If you have not fulfilled this wizard, Command Pi will not be able to run.If you are still experiencing problems with Command Pi: let us know which distribution you have installed and we will make it work in a future release.

What are the upcoming features?

In the next major update:
  • you will have the option to add extra buttons to the homescreen

What are the device requirements

You need iOS 7 or higher to be able to run this app. The app runs on both iPhone and iPad.

What do the MHZ stats mean?

Your Raspberry Pi has a so called 'turbo mode'. Command Pi will show you which mode your RPI is currently running. This is especially useful for Raspberry Pi users who are overclocking their RPI.

How can I connect Command Pi with my RPI?

Make sure that:
  • SSH is enabled on your RPI
  • You are using the correct IP address of your RPI
  • You do not have a firewall on your router blocking this connection
  • Is it possible to show the temperature in fahrenheit?

    You can click on the temperature stat to switch between Celcius and Fahrenheit.

    Why is the memory usage in Command Pi so high?

    The memory stats are showing you an overview for your overall Linux memory usage. Processes like XBMC reserve up a lot of memory.