The first planning app that helps you track your fermentation projects.


The most beautiful flavors in the world, are rotten flavors.

What do beer, wine, tabasco and sauerkraut have in common?
Right: they are all fermented! The best products in the world are produced in a guided process called fermentation. In only a few steps, you can easily transform ginger into ginger ale, grapes into wine and cabbage into sauerkraut. Not only for preservation, but specially to increase the intensity of the flavors. Everything is possible if you follow the right steps. But how do you guide your projects towards these amazing products? Especially when some products (kefir, kombucha, etc.) need extra attention?

This is where Fermentor kicks in. Fermentor serves you an easy to use overview that immediately tells you which project needs your attention. See how many days there are left till the next phase and get reminders at scheduled moments. Add pictures and recipes to make Fermentor your favorite fermentation tool. Fermentor gives you the option to create your own projects and templates or to choose from several templates including tabasco, ginger ale and crème fraîche. Fermentor currently supports the English and Dutch language. Fermentor is available for iOS and Android.

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How to use the app

Quick tip: swipe from left to right to return to the homescreen. Changes are saved automatically.